Murderer: I Killed My Brother Because He Was Dad’s Favorite — 20-yr-old Boy
Ibrahim Abdullahi, a 20-year-old cattle rustler and alleged kidnapper who allegedly masterminded the robbery and killing of his
elder brother, Kadade, in Amana MaiKasuwa, Kaduna state, has been
Abdulahi, who was arrested alongside one Hassan Amadu, was said to have contracted a five-man gang of armed robbers. He, however, ran into
trouble, three months after.
In his confession, he said;
“My father married four wives and had so many children. I don’t know what was so special about Kadade that my father would prefer
him to his other children.
I was never sent to regular school but Arabic school in Kaduna. It was only Kadade who attended primary and secondary school. My father
said he wanted all of us to be farmers, yet he kept calling us
illiterates that cannot speak English.
How can I speak English when my father did not send me to school? I had to get married to convince him that I was old enough to handle
responsibilities. As soon as I got married, my father gave me only 20
cows and two plots of land.
My brother sold some cows and made N1.7million and was making noise about it. My father was also very happy about it and asked him to keep
the entire money.
We expected him to share the money. That day I was so broke and asked my father for money. He started insulting me and asked me to learn to
be responsible like Kadade.
I was so bitter and I immediately called a member of our gang, Haruna and told him about the money in my house. I asked them to come and also
make sure that they kill my brother.
Although I now regret my action but I thought that his death would make my father allow me to control some of his businesses. My father was
devastated but I consoled him that it was Allah’s wish.
In the morning, I went to the bush to meet them and they told me that it was only N300,000 that they found with my brother. I collected
N100,000 as my share since I was the one who brought the job.“

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